How I Make Money On IQ-Profit Every Blessed Day

Hi guys, Join me to make money on IQ-PROFIT, a platform that pays you for your knowledge and the activities you do online. This trending platform allows you to take very simple collection of quiz to test your knowledge and pays you if you answer correctly. They also pay you for your online activities like reading, sharing posts, watching videos, viewing images, etc.
I make money every day and there are 10 different ways you can make money on IQ-PROFIT

10 Ways to Earn on IQ-PROFIT

1. Take the Quiz and get Paid: Taking a quiz for cash is a fun way to earn cool money. On our platform, you can make over N400,000 taking IQ-Profit quiz.
2. Share Post & Get Paid
IQ-Profit has partnered with companies to help them advertise on this platform and when you share this advertisement you earn some money. You can earn as much as N500,000 sharing our partner’s advertisements
3. Watch Videos & Get paid
Big brands companies, Comedians, Artiste, etc.. want consumers, fans to watch short snippets of their content, like movie trailers or new product features or new comedy skits or music videos. They pay IQ-Profit, and IQ-Profit shares a large portion of those earnings with you.
4. View Picture & Get Paid
You can also make lots of money viewing pictures and promotion ads on this platform.
5. Referral Bonus (Members)
You make N300 on everyone you introduce to IQ-Profit to take the quiz. Let’s look at the bright side you can make over a million Naira by referring every one you know to IQ-PROFIT to get paid for their knowledge.
6. Downline Top-up bonus
Whenever your downlines do a cash top-up of N1500 on his/her account you will get N300. This is an incurring income for you. So, the more downlines you get, the more money you make on IQ Profit.
7. The referral bonus for Advertisers
You will earn 20% of your referral’s Monthly Subscription for life. This means that If you refer an advertiser, you will get 20% of his Subscription Fee every month he subscribes, for the rest of your life provided he keeps subscribing.
Think about it this way, imagine you have referred over 100 Advertisers, this implies that you will get 20% of all their subscription fee for life. It’s a big opportunity you shouldn’t miss.
8. Each day you login you also make what they call Login Incentives this can be between N5 to N50 per day.
9. Registration Bonus – You will get between N10 to N30 as your registration bonus.
10. Instant Login Bonus – You will get between N1 to N5 every time you login to your account.