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13 Ways To Earn


Explore The 10 Ways To Earn on IQ-PROFIT

Ever thought of earning millions monthly? IQ-Profit has created 10 different ways you can use to make over a million Naira monthly. All you need to do is make use of every opportunity we have provided, you definitely will become a millionaire.

1. Take Quiz & Earn

Taking a quiz for cash is a fun way to earn cool money. On our platform, you can make over N550,000 taking our quiz.

2. Share & Earn

We have partnered with companies to help them advertise and when you share this advertisement you earn some money.

3. Watch & Earn

Companies, Entertainers, etc.. want you to watch snippets of their content or ads. They pay us, and we share 90% of the revenue with you.

4. View & Earn

You can also make lots of money viewing pictures and promotion ads on our platform. You get paid per view

5. Referral Bonus

You make N200 on everyone you introduce to IQ-Profit to take our quiz. You can make over a million Naira.

6. Top-up bonus

Whenever your downlines do a cash top up of N500 on his/her account you will get N100. This is an incurring income for you.

7. Advertisers Bonus

You will earn 20% of your referral's Monthly Subscription for life. This means that If you refer an advertiser, you will get 20% of his Subscription Fee every month he subscribes.

8. Login Bonus

Each day you login you also make what we call Login Incentives this can be between N5 to N50 per day.

9. Registration Bonus

You will get between N10 to N30 as your registration bonus.

10. Instant Login Bonus

You will get between N1 to N5 every time you login to your account

11. Comment Bonus

Whenever you comment on an advert, you will make over between N3 to N5

13. Raffle Draw

IQ-RAFFLE DRAW is like a game that is specially designed to celebrate some lucky members every Tuesdays and Fridays. Click to know more

14. IQ-Competition

Play Quiz games every 12pm with just N100 and win up to N10,000 daily. This game is a competition with other members.

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Advertisements and promotions have never been this easy and effective until IQ-Profit was launched. Now Advertisers, Promoters, and Companies can reach out to Millions of People with their budget no matter how small.